I have 17 things on my bucket list. I made one after I watched the movie The Bucket List many moons ago.

Here are a few:

  1. Skydiving (I imagine this is on just about everybody’s list.)
  2. See a waterfall (a big tropical one…not some puny one…go big or go home)
  3. Go scuba diving… Being type 1 makes this task not of a high possibility for me to do… It’s rude.
  4. Swim amongst some dolphins and then collect one and name him flipper… Haha… Kidding…. But if a flipper wanted to befriend me I would not turn him away.
  5. Get a tattoo… I already completed this… To which one of my brothers called me a “trash bag” ….I come from a loving family.
  6. Fly first class… Already did this too… It was glorious!!! Hard to go back to coach with the regular joe schmoes after that, but alas… I’m poor.
  7. See a cure for type 1 diabetes in my lifetime.

I made my list in 2008. At that time seeing a cure for Type 1 seemed like a hopeless endeavor… it still does at times. Today I got a package in the mail from JDRF wanting me to participate in one of their walks this year. I was looking through the pamphlet and the things I read gave me mucho hope for the future. They gave a list of things that they are researching that would make my life sooooo much easier.

  1. Artificial pancreas… this would be a closed loop type of thing that expands on the pump I currently have only it would include a CGM that checks my blood sugar and gives me insulin accordingly instead of me manually having to do it. Basically it would become a robot and take control of me. It might even give me orders and I‘d have to obey it because robots may take over the world someday and I’ll be ahead of everyone because I would already be part robot. Don’t worry though… I’ll put in a good word for some of you.
  2. There is JDRF funded research being done on a new therapy to help with diabetes related vision loss. Losing your vision is a worry amongst the T1D community. So far my eyes have showed no signs of Diabetes retinopathy… I know this for fact because I just got my eyes dilated and became a demon for a few hours while the eye doctor looked into my black eyes.
  3. Encapsulation – There is some sort of encapsulated cell therapies being researched that could recreate beta cells that would produce insulin that could last in your body for up to 2 years… say whhhhaaaatttt????? Cool.
  4. Smart Insulin – Insuln that you’d only have to take once a day and it would “turn off and on” accordingly to the sugar in your blood stream. Sweeeettt!!!
  5. Potential Biological Cure for T1D!!!! This one involves restoring your actual beta cells. I think of them currently floating in my body as shriveled up dead things and the cure would be a helium type thing that inflates them into a beautiful balloon bouquet floating around bring joy to all the other cells in my body. This is in no way how would actually work, but it is what my imagination chooses to believe.
  6. Prevention – A vaccine that could help prevent the progression of T1D for those at risk .

All these things bring me great hope and could not be done with out the funds they receive for research. The walks that JDRF does all over the country has helped to raise more than $1 billion. $1 billion!!! That’s insane. If I had a billion dollars… I’d save all the T1D’s and animals in the world!!!

On Oct. 5 I’m going to walk in St. Louis for myself and other T1Ds like myself. I’d like people to join me, but I’m not going to ask because I don’t want to put anyone on the spot…. So I’ll most likely be walking by myself…. Such is life. Feel free to donate to me though… that’d be real swell. Here is the link… You can re-read this post if you want to see all the WONDERFUL things JDRF is doing for T1Ds like myself!

Here’s the link..



Connections Connections Connections

Constant connections. It’s a plaque on society!!! Today we are all constantly connected to something.. our phones.. .internet.. tv… blah blah blah all that jazz, you get the gist.. For me that includes my insulin pump. I’m so very grateful for the freedom it has given me, but today I am questioning the irony of it all.

I woke up in an “eh” mood. Cats acting like a couple jumping beans wanting to be fed…a-holes…loud motorcycles zooming around my street…a-holes (they should be outlawed between the hours of midnight and 7 am), and the ever present overanalyzing thoughts that seem to always plague my mind….a-hole thoughts.  Ugh! Life! Ya know?

I read something on a friend’s facebook about how they wake up and do 30 pushups daily… in addition to their daily exercises. I figured “huh? Why not?” so I got out of bed and did that… bruised my knees because I have to do lady push-ups and my wood floors wanted to cause me pain… but non the less. Then while I was at it I figure I should go on a nice little walk. Clear the mind and soul. Forget about the problems and people in my life I can’t seem to solve for an hour. About this time my pump decides to run out of insulin. Grrreeeatttt… It only takes 5 min to change but it always feels like such an imposition. Darn you pancreas!!! I was only going to be gone for a little bit so I thought I’d go without the pump until after the walk and let me tell you…. It. Was. Glorious!!!!!! Everything about the walk. Brought my phone because I needed music (it’s a must in my life.) Sun was shining with a nice little breeze. The walk felt so refreshing and I came home feeling free. Cleared out some of those plaguing thoughts and was just happy. Then… about 2 min before I got back to my house… I remembered I didn’t have my pump on.. ugh. Life! I don’t why it was so different today, but not having that connected to me during physical activity was just really really nice. I sound like a baby complaining about the thing that essentially gives me the most freedom from Type 1 that I could be, but at the same time it feels like a chain. It got me thinking maybe I should look into other options that are not the pump. My cousin uses some sort of diabetic contraption that is not a pump. I don’t know. I’ve never researched anything other than the pump, but I need to figure out some options to get away from all these connections…. As I sit here. On the internet. On my blog. And probably share this to facebook. Haha… ugh. Life! Lol.

Anyhow, when did all these constant connections become the priority of our lives? If you read this you should go outside now. Take a sweet snooze in a hammock… if you have a hammock. Man, I wish I had a hammock…And a house in the country for which the hammock to nestle between two trees. How glorious. Oooo… or a beach! A beach hammock!!! And then pick a pinapple from the pineapple bushes that I’d have… maybe make a pino collata. If you like pino colatas…. Good song. Hmm…Maybe I have ADD?

Emily’s Silver Linings Playbook

Silver linings. Silver linings are defined as “a hopeful or comforting prospect in the midst of difficulty.” I believe every difficult aspect of life can have a silver lining. You just have to look for it. Finding a silver lining for having type 1 diabetes is not too hard for me. As annoying as it can be at times, I’ve never had too much difficulty finding the humor in it as well as using it to my advantage when warranted.

I’ve pretty much already written a post about this called Top Reasons You Want to be Type 1 Diabetic..I just didn’t use the fanciness of the words “Silver Linings” oooooo…I am like soooo totes cool right now.

You know what? I’m having writers block right now so I am going to go do some Just Dance 3 on the Wii to get my brain waves flowin’…If I had a big trampoline that’d be better, but alas, I do not. Please starting crying for me. This is a tragedy.

Ok, I’m back now.

For me the biggest silver lining on being type 1 is probably getting away with whatever I want. Haha. Want to punch someone in the face? Do it. “My blood sugar was really low, like 20. I’m lucky I didn’t go into a coma and die.” Get really hyper for no blood sugar related reason and embarrass yourself? “I was soooo low… clearly I would never sing in a super high voice and prance around a room if my blood levels were good.” Want to get out of going to your Great Aunt Sally’s bagpipe convention? “I’m having some issues with my insulin pump. I’ll probably be on the phone with the supplier for hours….sorry ’bout it.” Not paying attention to someone who’s talking? “I’m sorry, I need to go check my blood sugar.” Works like a charm.

My next silver lining is more in my mind and not for every type 1 out there, but sometimes I feel like I skipped out on other illnesses and problems because of my type 1ness. I don’t have allergies, I don’t really get headaches or such things. I feel like God is up there saying “Yo, she’s diabetic. She doesn’t need any other problems on top of that.” Why, thank you sir. Thank you very much.

There’s more silver linings out there, but I’m ready to move on to another task of the evening. Like practice some guitar…which is annoying and I want to bash it against a wall in frustration most of the time…. whoah. I must have a high blood sugar right now. 😉

An Act of Kindness a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


Recently I have decided I want to try to do at least one random act of kindness every day. I started this week and I’m having some trouble with it. Being kind isn’t a problem (for the most part), but trying to find something to do that can be considered a random act of kindness is tricky. It is not as easy as it sounds, at least for me… Some of the things I have done and will do probably shouldn’t be considered as a “random act of kindness,” but I got to start somewhere.

I feel like there is sooo much selfishness and negativity in people these days (myself included) and I’m hoping this will help put things in perspective. I’m not trying to get up on a soapbox and preach to people here, but I do hope the right people will read this and understand why I feel this is necessary for people to think about and do. The way I see it, it can only make the world better. 

Here are the things I have done this past week:

1. Made a conscious effort to be nice to someone I really can’t stand and who gives me the creeps. For anyone who knows me, knows that I have difficulty being nice to those I dislike. I always thought it was being fake, but a wise lady recently asked me “Is it fake, or is it being civil?” Sooo….I’m a work in progress on this one, and I’m trying to be civil and realize that everyone has their own story of why they are the way they are. 

2. When I go to supermarkets I have been taking a shopping cart randomly left in the parking lot that was not placed in the proper cart return and bringing it inside. Yesterday, I removed one that was directly behind an old lady’s car. A say old lady because it was a Oldsmobile and I think only old people drive those. I mean… seriously….it has the word “old” in it. 

3. I recycled a bunch of papers that would have been quicker and easier for me to just toss in the trash….this isn’t an act of kindness, it is something everyone should do, but…I’m counting it, so deal with it, yo. 

4. I left some precious penny pincher coupons on the grocery store shelf for some lucky soul to find and save a gazillion dollar bills. 

5. Once again at the store (I go too much, maybe that’s why I’m so po…hmmmm), I could have parked in a prime front row spot, but I passed it by and left it for some other person to find and be excited about. 

That’s about all I got right now. I’m going to try to keep this one updated, in fact, I’m going to make it it’s own page own my blog. Right next to “Instant Karma” If anyone has some good ideas of what I could do to continue this I would much appreciate it! Consider it your own daily act of kindness! 


Image…….I must say, this appeals to me greatly.

Would you like to be Type 1 diabetic for a day?

These days there is some sort of national day for everything imaginable. For instance:

January 3       = “Drinking Straw Day”

January 27     = “Thomas Crapper Day” (He invented the modern toilet…haha)

February 26   = “For Pete’s Sake Day” (Well, for Pete’s sake.)

September 25 = “National One-Hit Wonder Day” (This one’s for you, Billy


October 27     = “Crank Co-workers Day” (Wish I had known about this a

few days ago.)

November 10 = “Forget-Me-Not Day” also “A Really Cool Person’s Birthday


These might  not be completely legit…I did find them on the internet after all, but you get the point.

Not to be left out of  this is the second annual November 1 Type 1 Diabetic Day. For part of the celebration…if one can call Type 1 diabetes a celebration….JDRF is implementing a fun little mobile based challenge where you (non-diabetic people) can get an idea of what it is like to be me for a day. You sign up by texting T1D4ADAY to 63566. For 24 hours they will send you 24 texts that are supposed to simulate what your basic type 1 diabetic friend (me) deals with every day, every hour. I have no idea what this really entails…I signed up myself just out of curiosity. I would encourage all of you to do this and let me know what you think.  Also, I’m really hoping someone funny will do this and then write a short little guest post for my blog… aka one of my brothers…specifically the one I already asked to do a guest post awhile back and never did….

It would actually mean a lot to me if people did this. You don’t even have to tell me you did it…it never hurts for one to gain more knowledge either..sooooo just go on ahead and do itttt. Be kind. Rewind.

Here are the specifics which you can also view on JDRF’s website.

“Throughout November, we’re asking people to better appreciate what people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) experience every day, every hour by taking part in a unique mobile-based challenge: T1D for a Day.

When you sign up for the T1D for a Day text challenge, you agree to receive as many as 24 text messages over a 24-hour period that simulate the constant blood sugar testing, insulin injections, and dietary decisions that confront people with T1D.

While no virtual campaign can recreate the many needles required or the physical and financial tolls of this serious disease, T1D for a Day seeks to deepen understanding of the many heroic steps our friends and loved ones with T1D take each day.

Please sign up for the T1D for a Day challenge now!

Text T1D4ADAY to 63566. You will receive a confirmation text that completes your registration.”

Would you like to be a type 1 diabetic for a day? Yes? Well now is your chance!

A Cat by Any Other Name


I have determined that my cat is trying to murder me. Either that or the ghost babies are behind it. Most of you know the stories as I post them on Facebook, but here is a chronological list to back me up. This does not have to do with Type 1 diabetes other than sometimes if my blood sugar is high I’ll wake in the middle of the night to use the bathroom (when blood is high, sugar tries to escape the body through urine), and upon my waking I occasionally see Binx sitting on my dresser staring at me… Creepy.

Scare Tactic #1 (Within the first month I had Binx):
I wake in the middle of the night hearing strange scraping noises. Is it ghost babies? A mouse? Murderers come to steal my precious gems? I look across the bed and see Annabelle, my first cat, sleeping soundly, oblivious to any evil doings. I listen carefully. Nothing… Wait… There it is again. Something is in the kitchen. I work up my nerves and head out. As I turn on a light and enter I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. Thinking I am a nut and imagined it all I start to head back to bed when I hear it again. I look down and this is what I see…

I believe he was testing out my scarability tendencies for his future use.

Scare Tactic #2:
Almost every time I do dishes Binx will jump to the top of the cupboards and stare down at me as I scrub a dub dub the utensils. I’m not sure but he might be hiding electronics up there where he waits to catch me off guard and throw one down, electrocuting me.

Scare Tactic #3:

I come home from a long day of work and can’t find Binx anywhere. After searching high and low I freak out and start thinking he crawled in a hole somewhere and died (I can be overly dramatic.) I call my parents crying as I continue to tear apart me house looking for my poor, little, murdering fur baby. I go to the basement where I had already checked (twice) and notice that the lid to my washing machine is shut. I could have sworn I left it open after I did laundry the night before. Sure enough…

Scare Tactic #4:

This time he almost succeeded. Once again it is the middle of the night… I feel Binx pounce on the bed and continue on to the top shelf of my newly crafted headboard. I know I should force him down, but I’m too tired to bother. I fall back asleep only to be forcefully awoken when a vase falls on my head, followed by a ten pound Binx…straight on the cheek bones. It hurt like a mother trucker. Luckily, I did not develop a black eye

Scare Tactic #5:

I’m watching a scary show and at the climax of the scarieness..BOOM!!! I jump off the couch in a terror. Are the ghost babies back? Murderers come to steal my precious gems? Nope. Binx knocked over the trashcan in the kitchen. I just know he was crouched in a corner, rubbing his paws evilly together, waiting for the perfect moment to knock it over.

Where does he come up with all these plans for my death, you ask. He has a lair. In my basement. There is a particular corner that every time I go downstairs and to it he follows me closely, meowing and running back and forth between my feet trying to trip me. He doesn’t do that to me anywhere else, but that particular part of the basement. I don’t know what kind of things he does down there, but I’m sure it is bad news for me. He is probably hiding ghost babies down there and is waiting to release them on me.

Part of his lair. This is him in the rafters.

He is always hiding out in parts of the house waiting for attack.



I mean, seriously, what did I ever do to him to make him desire my death so vehemently?





Missed the last two days… Sat was supposed to be snapshot day and today is supposed to be your diabetic hero.


I only took one photo and it was of my bloody finger. That prick hurt and kept bleeding… Always an awesome time. Blood sugar was good though. 99. That’s something, at least.

My diabetic hero… Don’t have one so I’ll have to go with myself… After all we really only have ourselves to rely on. I’m still alive, and so far no serious consequences. Just me and my lovely diseased pancreas kickin’ along.

Know or Go

Diabetes Blog Week Day 5 Prompt:

“What is one thing you would tell someone that doesn’t have diabetes about living with diabetes?”.  Let’s do a little advocating and post what we wish people knew about diabetes.  Have more than one thing you wish people knew?  Go ahead and tell us everything.

Umm…Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight, so instead of writing something I’m going to post my three favorite diabetic youtube videos. I’m busting out the ol’ bunny ears (antenna) to watch Grey’s tonight. I need to watch it in real time otherwise some facebook yahoo is going to put a status update about it and spoil it. As long as I sit in a certain spot and stay very very still I think I’ll be able to watch it tonight, that and the cats are not allowed to move either. I don’t have cable if anyone is wondering.


Love this one…I think most have heard some variation of this.


Love this guy! He got everything quite accurately!


I found these kids absolutely hilarious. I laughed like a loon at some parts. I don’t know if it would be entertaining to non-diabetics or not, but to all you Type 1’s with a pump, this is pretty funny.



Grey’s is starting. Peace out my reader peeps!

Take Me to Your Leader

Day 4 Prompt for Diabetes Blog Week

“Tell us what your Fantasy Diabetes Device would be?  Think of your dream blood glucose checker, delivery system for insulin or other meds, magic carb counter, etc etc etc.  The sky is the limit – what would you love to see?”

I don’t really have a “Fantasy Diabetes Device,” but more of a “Fantasy Improvement to an Existing Device.” I have an iPhone. I love my iPhone. It basically contains my whole life in it’s tiny body. Well…not my whole life, but it is quite a contraption that I rely on to wake me up in the morning, give me directions to the shoe store, keep track of my appointments, keep track of my crazy friends’ phone and address info; It is my camera, a means for me to video chat with my family who don’t live near by. Basically a million things wrapped up in one small rectangular gadget. Why not have it check my blood sugars too? I’m thinking a continuous blood sugar checker  for every time I touch it. No prick or actual blood, just my fingertips scrolling around in my normal activities. If I’m low or high it would let me know by screaming obscenities at me until I fix it one way or the other. “Hey! You! Buttface! Go eat something before I punch you in the face!” or something like “Hello to anyone near Emily’s phone. She’s higher than a kite…she needs more drugs. She has problems. Please help.”

Realistically this would never happen. To test my blood sugar it would need… shock… my blood. The phone would have to have razor blades on it that cut me as a I scroll. Then I would bleed all over the screen and it would end up being, well, it would be a bloody mess. This is fantasy though, so no need to get all real up in here.

My other addition to this invention would be an app where I would take a picture of whatever I’m eating and it would automatically calculate the exact carbs in it. Oh the joy that would be! My boluses that I give whenever I eat (extra doses of insulin to account for food ingested) are based on how many carbs I eat and it gets frustrating trying to always figure out how many something has. Do you know how many carbs are in a banana?  a bowl of cereal? milk? chicken nuggets? a restaurant hamburger bun? grapes? broccoli? carrots? your moms house? the stuffed pasta shell you are about to eat? blah blah blah. It is too much, my brain is exploding.

While those were fantasy, there are awesome inventions that are coming out to the market. Through some blogging and checking out of other people’s diabetes business I discovered that there is actually a blood testing machine that connects to your iPhone and when you test your blood it downloads to your phone and charts, graphs, and beautifully organizes everything so you could easily email it to your doctor or whatever else you may need to do with it. Pretty cool. The Apple Store and Walgreen’s carry it.

I wonder if insurance covers it? I dread having to call to ask. Such is the life of the diabetic.

Me? Bad? Why, I never!

Day 3 Prompt – “Yesterday we gave ourselves and our loved ones a big pat on the back for one thing we are great at.  Today let’s look at the flip-side.  We probably all have one thing we could try to do better.  Why not make today the day we start working on it.  No judgments, no scolding, just sharing one small thing we can improve so the DOC can cheer us on!”

Well, geesh, I could go on and on about this one. I have been bad with everything, as I have previously mentioned in my posts…that was one of the reasons I started blogging last month, to have accountability. That and I wanted to inform people of my disease…as type 1..NOT type 2. I think everyone needs to be educated on this matter. Another post for another day, perhaps.

If I had to pick one thing I guess it would be being forgetful of bolusing, giving extra insulin to account for food entering my body. I usually remember 30 min to 60 min after eating….ok ok sometimes even longer than that.  However, since I have been checking my blood sugars regularly I do not forget my bolus as often. Checking my blood sugar is the key to everything. The key to the world. The universe! The key to all that is good and wonderful!  I can use it to defeat all manners of evil. Watch out, world! I mean universe!