Diabetics Unite

Find A Friend. That is the topic of the first day of 3rd Annual Diabetes Blog Week. I am to “find a friend” and post a link to their blog site about diabetes.  I’ll be honest this one kind of made me nervous. I wasn’t sure how to go about the process. What is the protocol? Do I need to actively befriend someone before posting about their blog? Do I just post a link and not inform them I’m doing it? If I do this will I be murdered by ghost babies in my sleep? Those of you who know me know I like to think a project through before doing anything, but I guess I’ll just wing this one….if you can consider pondering it throughout the day “winging it.”

I was talking to a lady at work friend whom I work with (she does not want me to refer to her as “a lady I work with”)  today about this blog post, and she told me something along the lines of mentioning how I’m a crazy cat lady and how my only friends are cats and then people will feel sorry for me. HAHA! That’s one way to go about it..untrue..but I could. To those of you who don’t know me I do have friends, great ones, in fact, human ones,  but they like to tease me about  my crazy cat like tendencies. It’s no secret I am a fan of the non-human fur creatures. Although, two cats does not equal crazy. Maybe three, but that is a line I do not intend to cross…and eventually I will get a dog. A dog is a buffer, so I could have five cats, but as long as I have a buffer dog I could just be “crazy animal hoarder.”


I had to post a pic…they are just so cute. This does NOT make me a crazy cat lady… does it?

I digress…back to the point of this post.

I will be recommending the blog Pancreas on Strike by Jessica. There were many diabetes blogs to read, and I didn’t read them all, but Jessica’s blog title caught my eye. She also used the word “schmancy” in one of her posts. I liked that.

There are many great blogs out there that I have been reading and it is nice to know I’m not alone out there. I’m starting to realize there is a big community in the land of diabetic blogging and I am just now stumbling along checking things out. It is an interesting world out there. From some of the blogs I read I think I might need to start tweeting… really

get in the social media world. Soak it up. Be a part of the 21 st century. Go to my FB and mention my tweets then people can go to my twitter page and connect to my blog then they can go to my blog and take a ride on my deceased pancreas. Connect to my MySpace page…wait. That’s not cool anymore.

After this post I am not connecting the rest of my posts this week to facebook, so if you are one of my number 1 followers (Luke C., that’s for you. You did lay claim to that title. It is your burden to bear. Good luck. I’m going to need you to enter the downtown parade with a banner of my blog now. ) Anyway, you will have to check in on a daily basis. Or you could officially “follow me” so you can get my updates. Never know what kind of crazy tomfoolery I’m going to dive into.




A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Open curtain. It was a dark and stormy night, the wind was howling like a pack of angry coupon clippers who got denied at the cash register. Cue in on a young 5-year-old girl fighting her way through the night to deliver a single package containing a prized cupcake. She arrives at her destination, cupcake in hand, only to be denied at the door with a “She can’t have any sugar!” (This sounded a lot like the infamous line from A Few Good Men “You can’t handle the truth.”) The door is then slammed in her young impressionable face as a single tear rolls down her face…

Ok ok…that was an extreme exaggeration. The truth, without all the drama, is that when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes my best childhood chum, who lived a few houses down the street from me, found out I was “sick” and decided to bring me a cupcake to make me feel better. She didn’t know that I wasn’t allowed to eat the amount of sugar that would be found in the cupcake. She only knew that her friend was sick and she wanted to help. She has since learned her way around my lows and highs and gives me the tough love I need to take care of it.

Like her, I have had other great friends who have been a constant source of support throughout my journey, and I’m sure I have taken for granted how lucky I am to have them. They know when I am being weirder than my normal crazy self and prompt me to check my blood sugar. They let me know if I’m about to hop in a pool and I forget to disconnect from my pump (sadly, I have done this multiple times…I forget it is there sometimes). In grade school they would have me fake a low blood sugar and go get my “low blood sugar food stash” from my locker, so we could snack while watching videos about Bill Nye the Science Guy. In hindsight, it was not the best idea to fake lows for their gain and mine, but we were kids and kids do crazy kid things. In my mind if I was going to deal with this disease the rest of my life, I might as well use it to my advantage… That sounds bad, but that’s how I felt at the time.

When I decided to do this blog I went to a couple of my nearest and dearest friends for their opinion and they were nothing, but supportive. Actually, one of them, Julie Wilkinson, helped me come up with the name of this blog and she has also written a nice little ditty about it on her own blog, Wilkipedia. She is a smart, creative and funny lady. If you need a good chuckle you should probably head over to her page and check it out. In the words of the Nike slogan, Just Do It.

Anyhoo, there are times I can get very frustrated and angry that I have this stinking diabetes, and the only people who can truly understand that feeling are the ones that also have a chronic disease. The stress of making sure you always have supplies on hand, dealing with insurance, the highs and lows, dealing with insurance, trying to act like a normal person, and dealing with insurance builds up until you just want to punch someone in the face. I know it is a manageable disease, and it’s not like I am dying of cancer, but it can still get the best of me at times. Luckily, I have wonderfully magical friends that will make me laugh and put my issues into perspective. I’m not dying of cancer. My disease is manageable. If I want to run around in circles screaming in joy, I can do that… and do sometimes. It’s how I roll, I’m a bit of nut.

The moral of the story is this: I love my friends, and am thankful to have them in my life. I will close this out by singing the theme song from The Golden Girls…

“Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confident.”

Note: I really did sing this in a strange high voice creation that I concocted on the spot. It was awesome… the cats (I have 2) were terrified. Success.