Connections Connections Connections

Constant connections. It’s a plaque on society!!! Today we are all constantly connected to something.. our phones.. .internet.. tv… blah blah blah all that jazz, you get the gist.. For me that includes my insulin pump. I’m so very grateful for the freedom it has given me, but today I am questioning the irony of it all.

I woke up in an “eh” mood. Cats acting like a couple jumping beans wanting to be fed…a-holes…loud motorcycles zooming around my street…a-holes (they should be outlawed between the hours of midnight and 7 am), and the ever present overanalyzing thoughts that seem to always plague my mind….a-hole thoughts.  Ugh! Life! Ya know?

I read something on a friend’s facebook about how they wake up and do 30 pushups daily… in addition to their daily exercises. I figured “huh? Why not?” so I got out of bed and did that… bruised my knees because I have to do lady push-ups and my wood floors wanted to cause me pain… but non the less. Then while I was at it I figure I should go on a nice little walk. Clear the mind and soul. Forget about the problems and people in my life I can’t seem to solve for an hour. About this time my pump decides to run out of insulin. Grrreeeatttt… It only takes 5 min to change but it always feels like such an imposition. Darn you pancreas!!! I was only going to be gone for a little bit so I thought I’d go without the pump until after the walk and let me tell you…. It. Was. Glorious!!!!!! Everything about the walk. Brought my phone because I needed music (it’s a must in my life.) Sun was shining with a nice little breeze. The walk felt so refreshing and I came home feeling free. Cleared out some of those plaguing thoughts and was just happy. Then… about 2 min before I got back to my house… I remembered I didn’t have my pump on.. ugh. Life! I don’t why it was so different today, but not having that connected to me during physical activity was just really really nice. I sound like a baby complaining about the thing that essentially gives me the most freedom from Type 1 that I could be, but at the same time it feels like a chain. It got me thinking maybe I should look into other options that are not the pump. My cousin uses some sort of diabetic contraption that is not a pump. I don’t know. I’ve never researched anything other than the pump, but I need to figure out some options to get away from all these connections…. As I sit here. On the internet. On my blog. And probably share this to facebook. Haha… ugh. Life! Lol.

Anyhow, when did all these constant connections become the priority of our lives? If you read this you should go outside now. Take a sweet snooze in a hammock… if you have a hammock. Man, I wish I had a hammock…And a house in the country for which the hammock to nestle between two trees. How glorious. Oooo… or a beach! A beach hammock!!! And then pick a pinapple from the pineapple bushes that I’d have… maybe make a pino collata. If you like pino colatas…. Good song. Hmm…Maybe I have ADD?


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