Holidays Schmolidays

I’m baaccckkk…..

I knew I wanted to write something tonight, but I couldn’t think of anything so I asked a trusty friend and she suggested a holiday post. If you hate this post please direct your negativity to your mirror and punch yourself in the face.

Holidays… what can I say? It’s a tricky time for a diabetic. Lots of traveling, non normal eating times, tons of food and dessert floating around all over the place…one needs to be a little extra diligent so they don’t go into a high blood sugar coma.

Uhhhh…turns out I don’t think I have the humor to do this post tonight… heart is a tad sad. Perhaps it is the winter blues, perhaps it is something else, either way I’m going to have to come back to this one because I think it will be a good one to write in the appropriate mood. Buuuttt I want to post something so I’m going to repost one of my favorites.. Top 10 Reasons it Sucks to be Type 1 Diabetic. And suck it does. That’s what she said.

Top 10 Reasons it Sucks to be Type 1 Diabetic

  1. You need to be a math magician. Count carbs, give the right amount of insulin to account for carbs, try to exercise and need to figure out how much less insulin to give so you don’t go low or high if you subtract too much. Blah blah blah. I could go on, but I don’t feel like it. So there! >:P
  2. Attachment disorder. I feel abnormally attached to my pump….I guess that isn’t really abnormal, it does keep me kickin’ and not cremated in a jar somewhere. However, I do feel practically naked if it is disconnected from me for too long. I may be liable to flip out and start running into walls repeatedly until I am magically connected again.
  3. Diet Soda. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE diet soda, but when I go to restaurants it is sometimes hard to distinguish if the waiter/waitress actually gave me a diet soda. If the fountain tank contraption thing-a-ma-bobbers aren’t set up right it can have too much syrup stuff and make a diet soda not taste diet. Then I have to ask the person(s) I’m with to test it out for me, while they look at me like I’m a nut job, and 8 times out of 10 they can’t tell themselves. Then I have to ask the waiter/waitress to get me a new one to be safe and risk them spitting in my drink for being a nuisance.
  4. Sugar Free Hard Candy. Evil stuff. Tastes like death wrapped around a dirty rock dipped in a packet of Equal. Some people (teachers, mostly) have tried to be respectful and give this to me as if to say “they care” but it actually makes me think they are trying to kill me. Give me the real stuff. I have an insulin pump. I can handle it.
  5. Bloody fingers. Yuck. Also, attached to this one is holes. I poke holes in my fingers, holes in my belly. I’m just a holy gal, I guess.
  6. Eating. I like to eat, but I don’t like being forced to eat because my blood sugar is low or not being able to eat because I’m waiting to stop getting high.
  7. Tubing on the pump. My pump has tubing…I’m sure most of you have seen it hanging out of my clothes. Lord knows people like to constantly tell me it’s not tucked in. Well, sometimes it doesn’t want to be hidden. Sometimes it wants to be foot loose and fancy free.
  8. Tubing on the pump. I already said this one? Well, I have more to say. Shock, I know. Sometimes when the tubing is hanging free kids and cats think it is ok to play with it like a string, and I don’t realize until I feel a tug on the part connected to me. Ouch, people.
  9. Insurance companies. Enough said.

And the last one is….. drum rollplease….

10.  Media Portrayal of Diabetes. Some medias get it right but most of the time no one distinguishes what type is being discussed (usually type 2) so all    the normal people remain uninformed and see all diabetes as fixable and preventable. “Can’t you just exercise and you’ll be better?” No! I have type 1, buttface! Get the facts. Then I have to go into the whole immune system thing and how my body just decided to turn on itself and the cells that fight off sickness in my body saw my pancreas cells as bad (even though they are good, very good) and visciously ripped their throats out. And then the people’s eyes glaze over and they stop listening and just nod.

“Yeah, yeah my (insert uncle/grandpa/dad) was just diagnosed, so I already know this.”  -random person

“Were you even listening to anything I said?” – me

“Uh…” – random person.

Just break the wrist, and walk away.


2 thoughts on “Holidays Schmolidays

  1. Awesome post, or repost as it were. My 2 year old was just diagnosed and we’re already running into a lot of this, minus the pump stuff. This holiday season is going to be a challenge for my family, I look forward to your post about how it goes for you.

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