Not For the Faint of Heart

I went to the doctor recently and was scolded for my a1c (average of my overall blood sugar levels over a 3 month period) being too high… I blame crossfit but more on that later. I was told I need to keep my CGM (continuous glucose monitor) on for two weeks and then go back to see if it has gone down… Unfortunately I have been having major issues with the CGM and I feel like showing you all a gross display of bloody pictures. If you are faint of heart I suggest you leave this page immediately… If it wasn’t my own blood I’d probably pass out in heap…




I don’t even know why there was such a bad bruise… I was actually pretty shocked to discover it after I removed the CGM and saw it. Yuck. That stinkin’ sensor cost $40 and only lasts for 3-7 days so it really really sucks when they don’t work the first day you put it in.

Anndd… The sensor I had in prior was fine until I went to crossfit the day of insertion and sweated my face off, because when I got home and went to shower the sensor was completely out… The sweat made it not stick to me anymore, I suppose. That’s $80 worth of sensors in a 2 day period. Son. Of. A. Monkey’s. Uncle!! Does any type 1’s with a CGM have any good taping suggestions I could use to prevent this from happening in the future? Cause, seriously, $40 is a lot of money to be tossing down the drain for this poor gal…


5 thoughts on “Not For the Faint of Heart

  1. do you get replacement dressing in case you need to change it? i was told to change the dressing every 2/3 days so i have spare dressing, but you have to be very careful when you change them cos it’s so easy to pull out. if you cgm bled that much when it went in, i’m very surprised that it could work cos sometimes mine has bled considerably less and still not could also try medical tape (like white sellotape) to hold it in under the dressing – does that make sense? but sweat and dressings do not mix, could you sit out crossfit for the three days you keep it? or mayeb put it in the aday after you’ve been so you only miss one session? obv depends on the days you go etc.

    • I only had the CGM in for a few hours and it did not work due to the blood so I took it out. It was telling me I was 40 when I was really 123. I was never told to change the dressing, but I will try to incoporate that in. What brand do you use? I am using Nexcare Tegaderm because it is the only thing available at my local drugstore. I use the tape as well…maybe I’ll start using more though… tape that thing down so it’s as secure as Fort Know. Haha. Thanks for your reply!

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