New Uses for Bloody Fingers

It is always a nice day when you realize that sometimes being type 1 diabetic isn’t so bad. I recently decided to start playing the guitar. I always secretly wished I could play an instrument and one day I decided might a well start now while the gettins good. The first day of  practicing my fingers felt like they were cut off with razor blades and dipped in a bucket of acid, and from what I read and was told this was going to take some time until my fingers built calluses. Well, guess what? day 2 came around and my fingers didn’t hurt so much anymore. I believe this is because I spent 20 some years pricking my finger multiple times a day and I’m thinking I have developed some scar tissue under these babies. Booyah!  This is probably bad for the diabetes, but good for my guitar practicing times! I mean, obviously,  if given a choice I would choose not to have this disease and I would gladly suffer through hurtful fingers and callus building but whatevs. I’ll take what I can.  I’m only into day 3 of this “pricked finger/scar tissue guitar theory”  and it might be proved as a false statement once I get more awesome with strumming and fretting (look at me using these terms!) and what have you, but if it’s  not I’m going to take a positive diabetes day whenever I can.

Diabetes: 1 million/ Emily: 7 (I might be losing the war but I won this battle!)


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