My Dreams Have Been Crushed

My dreams have been crushed with one phone call tonight. As I was catching up with an old chum via iPhones she told me some devastating news.  I can not fulfill my lifetime desire to be a commercial truck driver… Me, the road, a cold sodey pop in my hand, music  blaring on the’s just not going to happen. I’ve been banned! Outskirted! Forbidden! Kicked to the curb! Thrown out like yesterdays trash!

While that statement was sarcastic and most definitely not my dream, it did make me look into job restrictions for insulin dependent folks. I only did a 10 min google search,but from what I gather you can’t join the military, fly commercial airplanes, be a police officer (I think this is untrue), drive a semi, and you can’t be an astronaut (Son of a!) Some of the stuff I saw was dated eons ago in 2008, so it is very possible that some of these restrictions have changed. Hopefully! With all the new technology coming out to control type 1 I would certainly hope these rules have changed. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of Type 1’s that are healthier than some of the truck drivers I’ve seen out there….

A few years ago one of my dreams was to join the Peace Corps. I did my research and I saw that they do accept weird type 1 diabetics like myself, but I would be “hard to place.” I pretty much stopped researching joining the Corps after that. It put thoughts in my head of not getting my pump supplies in  a timely manner and dying in a small corner somewhere while rabid dogs gnawed my limbs off.  I let diabetes stop me from pursing that dream. I was too scared to go to a foreign country for 2 years and not have a Walgreen’s nearby on the off chance I ran out of insulin. I regret it now, but life is full of regrets. You deal with it and you move on. I feel too old and set in my ways now to join, but who knows. Never say never, right?


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