Top Reasons You Want to be Type 1 Diabetic

Not too long ago I did a Top 10 Reasons it Sucks to be T1D. Now, I would like to reverse that thought process with reasons why it ain’t too shabby being a T1 diabetic.

1. Fake a Drop, Take a Pop

I haven’t ever done this that I can recall, but one could, say, fake a low blood sugar to receive a treat. Imagine, there is an individual eating a sugary treat in front of you and you think to yourself “I’m gonna get it!” Just fake a low blood sugar and if the individual is a decent human being the yummy treat is yours! I learned this tactic eons ago when I was a mere junior high volleyball player (I played the position of “benchwarmer”) Now picture this: it’s a hot sizzling day, the volleyball coaches ran us ragged until we were melting piles of flesh. A fellow teammate , whom we shall call “She Who Must Not Be Named,” bummed a ride home from my mom and I. As we are driving home, my mother stops by a soda machine and buys me an ice cold Diet Pepsi (she offers one to “She Who Must Not Be Named”, but she declines.) I take one drink and can feel the cold refreshing liquid slide down my hot throat. Soooo good. All of a sudden, from the back seat we hear *cough* *cough* (sounds like the cheapest fake cough imaginable), As I glance back from the passenger seat with an evil glare at “She Who Must Not Be Named,” my mom tells me to give the drink to her. Then, I watch as she drinks my wonderful soda. Anyway, that traumatic incident showed me that I could fake a low and take food and drinks from a person, and it also taught me that I would rather not do that else I would turn into “She Who Must Not Be Named.” That may have made me sound like a brat, but she was a scrounge and she stole my soda. You just don’t do that to a person!

2. Entertainment Value

I learned this a a youngun when I was laying around on the floor at home and my mom ran up to me screaming thinking I had passed out in diabetic shock. I found it hilarious. I used to try to repeat this, but she learned her lesson and would just step over me from then on. Yes, I was a brat. It’s also an interesting time to see strangers glance at me in stores with questionative looks whenever I tell who I’m with “I’m really high” or whatever diabetic thing going on with me at the time

3. Doctor Check-Ups

I see my endocrinologist about 3-4 times a year. I go to the eye doctor once a year. I’m not saying it is fun to go to the doctor (What I am I? Some sort of freak!?!), but it does keep me up to date on all my bodily happenings. I like to think if something is going to happen to me, maybe my doctors will catch it quick, seeing as how I see them so often.

4. The Skill of Life

I learned independence at an early an age. I had to. I needed to know how to take care of myself when I went low, high, up, down, crazy, weird, etc. I’ve never been one to rely too much on other people for things, so I am glad I learned this as a child. Some don’t gain these super power skills until they are in college. Some never do .

5. High Tolerance of Pricking

It is inevitable that I would build up a tolerance for being poked at with things. (This does not mean I want any of you to poke me with sticks next time you see me.) I change my pump site every 3 days, my continuous monitor every 6 days, I prick my finger 2 – 6 times a day. Basically this means if I ever get abducted by aliens I will survive the probing stage longer than normal humans until I am able to karate chop my way out of there and save Earth. You’re welcome.

6. Getting Out of Things You Don’t Want to Do

Let’s face it. Sometimes in life there are things that you are obligated to do that you just don’t want to do. What better way to get out of something boring than to pull the ol’ diabetic card. I did this frequently growing up. Don’t want to eat dinner at a friends house? No problem. “I have to go home to give my insulin.”Don’t want to go on a boring tour of the RCA dome on your senior trip? Hakuna matata. “Teacher, my blood sugar is low I think I should stay behind and drink a regular soda. Oh yeah… I should probably have my best friend stay back with me…make sure I don’t pass out or anything.” Don’t want to mow the yard? “I’m low.” Works like a charm.Why are you being such a B word? “My blood sugar is high.” (This really does make me a bad name when I’m at a certain high point.)

That’s about all I got at the moment. I could rustle up a few more good things, but I think it is time I sing some tunes (I’m listening to the Avett Brothers, I’m including a little you tube treat for you all) then I need to go to bed so I can awake for a work day…unless I have a diabetic attack and can’t make it in…. Kidding!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to donate to my JDRF walk in a couple weeks! 2012 JDRF WALK TO CURE DIABETES


One thought on “Top Reasons You Want to be Type 1 Diabetic

  1. I don’t know how I missed this one! I remember that cheap bum mooching your soda. I thought I was there, but maybe I just pictured it so well that I believed I was. She was such a bum and I am still pissed at our parents for making us carpool with her. Once, after a game, my dad only had enough cash for him and I to get a treat at Mc Donald’s. She, of course riding with us, ordered a meal fit for a felon on his first day out, and my dad couldn’t afford to get himself anything. Also, thanks for using your diabetis to get me out of the tour of the RCA dome. I’ll never forget it… That place really sucked.

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