A Walk to Cure Diabetes

Please bear with me here. Don’t get out the rotten fruit and veggies just yet to throw at me as I stand up here on my pedestal.

Yes, I am going to talk briefly about JDRF and the walk to cure diabetes I’m going to do in St. Louis on Oct. 7. And yes, I do realize this constant diabetes talk and giving are probably annoying to some. I can hear some of your thoughts now “Shut your face, weirdo.” “Stop putting it on Facebook.” I can’t help it. I’m a strange person who wants to advocate for Type 1 diabetes, a little selfish, seeing as how I have it, but  that’s life. I promise if any of my friends or family had some sort of issue I would be doing the same for them and whatever problems they have. If one of them was…to say… get abducted by aliens, well, you can bet your bottom dollar I would form some sort of alien protest until they were back on earth.

Back to the walk, I am a healthy, non dying individual as are a lot of people with type 1. It is through research on type 1 that I am healthy and not burnt to ash and spread over some sort of scenic area. It wasn’t that long ago that people didn’t know that insulin was the key to saving our lives. Back in the day (1920) the lifespan of someone with my disease was a matter of months, and that was through a severe diet and almost non-stop exercising.

Before and after insulin in the 1920’s

Thankfully, a wonderful fellow discovered how to reproduce insulin and prolong diabetic souls. In those 90 some years since that discovery there have been many more life expanding creations to make a Type 1’s life easier and more normal.

As I said I’m doing the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes soon and if any of you want to join my team or donate it would be greatly appreciated.  I think sometimes when you see how normal we T1’s lead our lives it is hard to see how important research has been to us. It is your choice, but I wanted  everyone to know how much supporting diabetes research means to me.

JDRF A Walk to Cure Diabetes <—–Donate/ Join Team Here
Below are some celebrity Type 1’s that wouldn’t be here without the research:

Mary Tyler Moore

Bret Michaels

Nick Jonas

Jay Cutler – this may or may not sway certain people to support

Crystal Bowersox (American Idol)

Jean Smart (from Designing Women)

Or perhaps you’d like to see some photos of children with  T1 diabetes?


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