A Traveling Diabetic (Type 1)

As I am currently sitting in an airport awaiting a flight to New Jersey, I thought what better way to pass the time than to write about the trials and tribulations of air travel when you have Type 1 diabetes.


After many test airplane runs I think I have nailed down the best way to get through security without getting molested by security.


Insulin Pump

I used to stay connected to my pump and warn the security guard at the metal detector that I had a pump and then I’d take it out of my pocket and hold it out to him/her in a “Hey, not trying to do anything crazy here, just a diabetic with a pump. Please don’t shoot me.”  DO NOT DO THIS. This is a guarantee that you will be taken behind a clear plastic window and get the pat down. They will also swipe some sort of shenanigans over the pump to ensure no bomb residue is on there.


If you want to avoid the inevitable pat down you need to take the pump off and stick it in your purse (or man purse if you are of the male species) and send it through the bag xray thing. I’ve done this twice now and not had to be touched inappropriately. Works like a charm.


Insulin and needles

I carry insulin, syringes (for emergency pump breakdown situations), and pump supplies in my “pump it up” bag. I always put this in my carry on. I do not check it, because I’m paranoid my luggage will get lost and I’ll die. Basically. Surprisingly, in all my travels (and there have been many) I have never been stopped about this.  So keep on keeping on in these regards.


Side note: there is a person sitting next to me trying to read this. Stop being nosey please. Good day, sir.


Ok, he moved. Back to business.


Continuous Glucose Monitor

This gadget cannot be removed. If you are only walking through the detector you are fine. There is no metal in it and it won’t set anything off. If you have to go through the “see through your clothes” x-ray thing some airports have you will need to tell someone before you enter, as it will look like you have a tiny bomb attached to you. Luckily I didn’t have to do that at the St. Louis airport. New York airport might be a whole new ball of yarn. I’ll have to put up an update up if I get any trouble over there.


Overall, getting through security as a type 1 diabetic isn’t so bad.



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