If You Like Me You Will Do This

Throughout the month of July, visit your local Walgreens to support JDRF. Purchase a scannable at the register to donate $1 to help fund type 1 diabetes research. Walgreens has been a partner of JDRF for 20 years, raising a total of $20 million! Help to make this year another successful one by supporting the efforts of this valued JDRF Corporate Partner.

You know how you see all these photos on Facebook or email forward that go something like this…

 “If you love Jesus, you will share this”

“If you want to win a billion dollars, ‘Like’ this”

“All your dreams will come true if you forward this to 50 people” 

 And yada yada yada?  

Well, if you  are my friend you will go to Walgreen’s and donate a dollar when you check out at the register.  

If you decide to not do this, well then, I don’t even want to tell you what is going to happen to you! Bad things! 

Ok ok…I’m totally kidding on all of this. I mean, I won’t really disown anyone as my friend if they don’t donate a little old dollar at Walgreen’s in the month of July to benefit JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)…and by association me… your friend, your type 1 diabetic friend. Do you feel guilty, yet? Should I continue?  

Really, I’m kidding. As I’ve said before everyone has their own charities and organizations they give their money to. Obviously, I’m a big supporter of Walgreen’s doing this and I wanted to share with you fine people.  For 40 years JDRF has been a leader in funding research projects for Type 1 diabetes. The progress that has been made since I was diagnosed in 1989 is astounding, and JDRF is a major player in making those changes happen.  


I was testing my blood sugar 8 – 10 times a day

Took a shot twice a day

Had to eat by a strict schedule. To vary was to mess my blood sugars up and cause frequent highs and lows.

Getting 1/2 a candy bar once a year at Easter was a treat.   


I have a continuous glucose monitor to monitor my levels every 5 min. Only have to physically prick my fingers 2 times a day now.

Insulin Pump. Change site every 3 days.

Can eat whenever and whatever…due to the insulin pump (not every Type 1 has one, but the majority probably does) 

 There are a million other things that are better, but I don’t have the time to list everything.  

I’ll get off my soap box now. Just letting you all know you can donate a dollar to JDRF through Walgreen’s this month.


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