Diabetes Blog Week….who knew?

I was digging around the internet today with my mouse shaped shovel checking some fellow Type 1 diabetic blogs and found out there is a thing called “Diabetes Blog Week” and it starts on Monday. Woo hoo! I signed up and am excited to start. I needed some writing inspiration so hopefully this will do it. I am also hoping to add a guest post from my eldest brother, no telling what kind of shenanigans will come from that. Hopefully, it will at least be partially about me being diabetic. We shall see. Stay tuned. Below is a list of the Diabetes Blog Week  topics. I hope my insistent talking (typing) of my disease doesn’t bore off the non-diabetics. I swear I’ll try to make it some sort of entertaining. If I have to dance a jig and record it, I will. I am part Irish, you know.  1/32 native American too. Don’t be jealous. You can’t all be as cool as me. 😉

5/14 – Find A Friend
5/15 – One Great Thing
5/16 – One Thing to Improve
5/17 – Fantasy Diabetes Device
5/18 – What They Should Know
5/19 – Saturday Snapshots
5/20 – Diabetes Hero
Wildcard – Something Good to Eat
Wildcard – Diabetes Creativity




3 thoughts on “Diabetes Blog Week….who knew?

  1. You’re also good at entertaining because it runs in the family. Grandma can verify the fact that we had family in the circus. I believe they were tight rope walkers and I think there were two of them. We can bring this up next family dinner and get the full scoop then! Maybe you and I can start our own circus and the proceeds can go to the JDR!

    • I thought I already replied to this, but I don’t see it. Yes,we need to work on our circus routine ASAP. I think we need to get a big trampoline for starters. I always wanted one of those. I’m seriously considering putting one in my backyard. Do you think my neighbors would think I’m weird? Just a single 29 year old gal with a big trampoline in her backyard? That’s not weird. Not weird at all.

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