A Culinary Masterpiece Gone to Waste

The day had been a long one fraught with one constant headache after another. She couldn’t wait to go home and fire up the grill that was covered in yard waste and spider webs from it’s lack of use. The menu plan is chicken breast with a slab of bacon wrapped around it marinated in a most delicious “Pampered Chef Teriyaki Sauce with Honey” served with a sweet potato and  Farmer’s Market asparagus.

After 10 minutes of cleaning the grill up and another 10 trying to get the blasted thing started, the chicken is on the grill and cooking away along with the potato. The asparagus is added later enclosed in her new Pampered Chef BBQ basket, an interesting invention that encloses food in it and can be flipped over easily using the handle.


She places the chicken on a plate and uses her other ovenmitted hand to flip over the asparagus in the BBQ basket.

“Uh oh”

She did not take into consideration the fact the the vegetables were thin enough to slip though the side of the basket in mid flip. They are mostly now laying at her feet amongst grass, dirt, and sweet gum balls. The few that remain in the basket  are thrown back on the grill. She bends over, still holding her precious chicken on the plate while she uses tongs to pick up the dirt ridden vegetables. Immersed in her task, she forgets the hand holding the chicken, and…

“Son of a!”

The chicken joins the asparagus smack dab in the dirt. Thinking about her grilling failure, she turns back to the grill and, yep, the remaining asparagus is burnt to a crisp, completely blackened charred grossness. The only thing that made it out of the wreckage was a single sweet potato.

“A culinary masterpiece gone to waste.” – Chef from Beauty and the Beast

That’s my story from yesterday. Couldn’t help but laugh as the whole thing was happening. If any neighbors were watching I’m sure they think I’m a complete loon. I do frequently laugh whether I’m with people or by myself. There is much to laugh at if you look for it. I think.

This was one of my attempts to eat healthier and not opt for the easiest solution, which is artery clogging fast food. A shall try again another day and hope I have learned my lesson on grilling techniques!


One thought on “A Culinary Masterpiece Gone to Waste

  1. WHAT??? Asparagus went to waste?? holy schnikes! I went to the farmers market too and my asparagus was pretty much all mushy. $3 worth and I threw 2/3rds of it away. booo. The chicken and bacon recipe with the sauce sounds delicious though. I need to move to J’ville. We could totally have cookouts!

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