Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Today was a bit of an annoying diabetic day. I ate little bit for dinner and then overshot how much insulin I needed, gave too much . As I was driving to my house tonight I could feel the lows coming over me. I hate getting low because then I get crazy sugar hungry. Now I’ve overshot my sugar intake and I’m higher than a kite and feel sick. Doesn’t feel good when you go from a low to a high in a short period of time. I basically want to do something mean or start a fight with someone. People that are stupid heads. Stupid bums.  I shall resist. Violence = junk. Kindness = wonderfulness.

I am currently logging all my blood sugars for a month so I can turn it into my medical supplier and they can decide if they want to allow me to have a continuous glucose monitor. This is a contraption that would check my sugars every 5 minutes and warn me of potential  highs and lows. A real life changer. I hope they give it to me. I’ll bust out my karate moves if they don’t. Like a roundhouse kick to the face. Is that karate?

Ok, you are making me tired. Good day.

This came on iTunes while typing this. Seems fitting. My favorite lyric “I might end up somewhere in Mexico.”


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