Troubles When You Get High

Rewind to…oh… 21 or 22 years ago. It’s is the early 90’s. Saved by the Bell is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Scores of kids are either inside playing with their new Super Nintendos, watching an awesome tv show (Saved by the Bell or Full House) or maybe they are outside shooting some b-ball pretending to be Michael Jordan (Amanda, that was for you and your fam…ha! I’m totally kidding!).


I’m still a bit of rugrat. Crazy hair, crazy shoes, crazy face. So, one day I’m heading home from school on the school bus sitting next to the weirdo who tried to give me a cupcake when I first became type 1 diabetic, We shall call her Al. Al and I are sitting on the edge of our brown, plastic bus seats, ready to jet off the contraption and head to her house where we will get a Nutri-grain bar from her cupboard, pull up a couple of kitchen stools as close as we can to the TV and watch…wait for it….wait for it… Saved By the Bell. On this particular day I happen to be quite a bit more on the edge of my seat as I have to pee…and I mean really really really have to pee. Finally, after years and years of waiting for our 10 minute bus ride to end we are out. We rush to Al’s house and as we get to her front door it happens. My pants are getting wet and a puddle is developing at me feet. Uh oh. I peed my pants… again… only five feet left to salvation, but I didn’t make it…

It is not until years later (and constant teasing from Al) that I realize what was happening to my body. My blood sugar was high. See, when we diabetics have high blood sugars it means there is an excess of sugar in our blood and our bodies are trying to dispel it through urine. I can always tell when I’m high because I constantly need to use the restroom, and if the blood sugar is higher than high the need for a restroom can be extreme. Think about a time you really really had to go then multiple that by 100. That is how bad it can get if you don’t go in a reasonable amount of time. I have since gained control of my bladder regardless of the highs. I haven’t peed my pants since the early 90’s, although there was an almost accident a few years ago during a vacation to Long Beach Island, NJ with a college chum for chum. (“a chum for chum” is from Finding Nemo), but that’s another story that would take too much time to type right now. Also, I’m trying to cut back on the length of my posts before I start losing my readers…

One more thing…for future reference… sometimes when I say or type a word it may remind me of a movie quote and I must say/type it or my head will explode. And I’m still typing… ok.. I’m done! Geesh! Peace out, and as Ellen DeGeneres says at the end of all her talk shows… “Be kind to one another.”

Below is a link to a “You might be a 90’s kid if…” type of thing. Might bring back some memories.


2 thoughts on “Troubles When You Get High

  1. I am extremely honored that you dedicated this peeing episode to me, the one who makes your days so much more interesting!

    Ok – pop quiz: “We’ve got cows!” What 90’s movie comes to mind?

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